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Traktor and KP3 (Brad Giezentanner edit)

Description and Instructions


This should be helpful in gettingĀ  the KP3 to where it can be used as an external controller.

Once you get it running there is some buttons on the keyboard that work with the KP3 settings. The keyboard button to the left of the 1/! button changes the focus of the decks. What that means is that the controls will work on all decks by switching the focus. To be able to tell that the focus has changed, you will see the deck letter that it is on light up (A,B,C,D). notice this is an increase only button. thus if you are using this in a two deck operation then when you are trying to switch from B back to A, you will need to hit the focus button 3 times instead of once since it is scrolling forward and needs to pass deck C and D. Hope this makes sense.

Keyboard Controls

F1= Full Screen
1-8 Deck A Hot Cues
Q-I Deck B Hot Cues
use shift with these to delete cue points.
A-L Loop Para Deck A(1/32 -
Z- . Loop Para Deck B
Shift + scroll arrows up and down scrolls Folders
Shift + scroll arrows back and forward opens Folders
` = Deck Focus

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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