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Numark NS6 with Traktor

Description and Instructions

Okay. Got most of your requests in. Some I opted not to do because of the time involved in undoing present mapping to facilitate those changes.
1: Filters are implemented ( Check video below)
2: Monitoring Knobs are fixed( Check video below)
3: Record Button is on ( View Button)
4: Snap and Quantize in perspective places ( Master Effect A & B Buttons below Master Volume)
5: tap buttons toggle effect2 on each effect bank.
Made a short vid explaining how the filters and the monitor knobs work. The Filters are pretty slick and the Monitors work as they should. I already had the filters in there just never talked about them in the video....sort of a hidden feature!
Here is the Link..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7rkQzAgavQis with a description of your mapping
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