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A 12-tracks Remote Script for a single A&H Xone K2 (Nicola De Bello edit)

Description and Instructions

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I was reasoning about the following issues:

  • how to NOT make use of the K2 not-standard way of managing colors
  • how to create a general purpose template for the on-the-go scenario where a single K2 is the only device we have, used both as the audio interface and as the only MIDI controller
  • how to make use of the latching layers in all that

I came up with a template having the following attributes:

  • It has a 12-tracks session box divided over the 3 latching layers. After all, a single K2 with latching layers can be seen as a 12-tracks single controller with 3 groups of controls with 4 tracks each. Changing the latching layer has no effect whatsoever on the session box itself as seen by Ableton Live.
  • Is is usable also with 2 K2 devices on only ONE USB Port. The 2 devices are on the same MIDi Channel and they are connected via X-Link, so that is you put them on two different layers (for example red and yellow) they are actually showing 8 tracks out of 12.


  • The disadvantage of this solution is that there are no coloured clips.  
  • This remote script works on MIDI Channel 13. You can manually edit it to change all the occurrences of the MIDi Channel number, or you can to ask me a version of the script on a different Channel.
  • The third row of CC knobs could have been be used (for example) for PANs. I left it for User MIDI Mapping, but you can ask to me a version of the script with PANs of other controls.
  • The main part of the script has been generated with REMOTIFY, and then edited manually.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Javi 4 months ago
I have some problem for putting it to work. It is recognized by ableton 10.1 (green colored square appears) but when I move faders or press any button it has no effect. I have configured latching layers and midi channel as you mentioned. Any idea? Thanks!