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A 12-tracks Remote Script for a single A&H Xone K2 (Nicola De Bello edit)

Description and Instructions

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I was reasoning about the following issues:

  • how to NOT make use of the K2 not-standard way of managing colors
  • how to create a general purpose template for the on-the-go scenario where a single K2 is the only device we have, used both as the audio interface and as the only MIDI controller
  • how to make use of the latching layers in all that

I came up with a template having the following attributes:

  • It has a 12-tracks session box divided over the 3 latching layers. After all, a single K2 with latching layers can be seen as a 12-tracks single controller with 3 groups of controls with 4 tracks each. Changing the latching layer has no effect whatsoever on the session box itself as seen by Ableton Live.
  • Is is usable also with 2 K2 devices on only ONE USB Port. The 2 devices are on the same MIDi Channel and they are connected via X-Link, so that is you put them on two different layers (for example red and yellow) they are actually showing 8 tracks out of 12.


  • The disadvantage of this solution is that there are no coloured clips.  
  • This remote script works on MIDI Channel 13. You can manually edit it to change all the occurrences of the MIDi Channel number, or you can to ask me a version of the script on a different Channel.
  • The third row of CC knobs could have been be used (for example) for PANs. I left it for User MIDI Mapping, but you can ask to me a version of the script with PANs of other controls.
  • The main part of the script has been generated with REMOTIFY, and then edited manually.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
maartenide about 1 year ago
Does anyone know if the K2 is suited for producing music with Ableton Live instead of using in to control ableton for live sets? So can you map it to jam on Drum Kits in Ableton for example? I read the K2 to is possible to map in every kind of way but nowhere anything about using it for producing..
Javi over 1 year ago
I have some problem for putting it to work. It is recognized by ableton 10.1 (green colored square appears) but when I move faders or press any button it has no effect. I have configured latching layers and midi channel as you mentioned. Any idea? Thanks!
44dc7a425a about 1 year ago

You need to change the midi channel on your controller. Default is MIDI channel 14 and this mapping works on channel 13. Check the manual to change it ;)