Serato Scratch Live TouchOSC Layout

Description and Instructions

Comprehensive Serato Scratch Live Layout which lets you access most of what's in Serato including:

Absolute, Relative, Internal Modes
Pitch Nudge, Pitch Adjust, Fine Pitch Adjust, Pitch Range
Cue points
Temp Cue Points
Looping, Looping + FX
Beat Roll
X-Y Pad for FX 1 and 2 + Fader for FX 3
SP6 including play mode, volume, pitch, and gain for each sample in all 4 SP6 banks.
Button set aside for "stutter" which is not yet midi mappable (hopefully soon??)

Manual Here   

Page 1: Overview and Transport for Deck A + B
Page 2: Focused Deck A with fX and loop controls
Page 3: Focused Deck B with fX and loop controls
Page 4: Deck A + B Loop and fX controls
Page 5: Deck A + B Loop and SP-6 controls
Page 6: SP-6 Controls

Most of the layout and controls are pretty self explanatory.  Green implies deck 1, red implies deck 2

Note: The DJ-EFX buttons are simply the ones I chose to map.  In TouchOSC editor, you will have to map the effects buttons and labels to match your tastes as the CC values are going to be different for each person.  The CC values for each button change every time you add or delete a custom effect to the Serato effects bank so you'll have to figure out which CC value correlates to the effect name you want to map in Serato.  These are mapped in multiples of 2 and are all odd numbers.
I had to do this by trial and error..set the min and max value in TouchOSC editor to an odd number and see what that maps it too, then go up or down multiples of 2 down your effects list to figure out the number corresponding to the effect you want to map.  If anyone knows an easier way of doing this, please let me know!

Please rate the mapping if you find it useful! Thanks :)