BeatSlicer (ala DJM-2000nxs and Traktor DJ "Freeze") for Traktor/Lemur

Description and Instructions

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This emulates the "Freeze" feature found in the Traktor DJ iPad app...allowing you to use this kind of functionality in Traktor Pro natively.  
The Beat Slicer on the DJM-2000 nexus prompted me to make this.  I saw it.  I drooled.  Unfortunately, everything else about the mixer wasn’t my cup of tea.  So I decided to recreate the one feature I be used on my terms, with a few extras.

Unlike the DJM-2000, there is no need to “buffer” a sample into the mixer.  Everything is referenced by Cue Points.  In addition to slicing and looping, this also gives you the option to slice and effect in different ways as well.

I originally conceptualized using this with a Ten1 Fling joystick (effects joystick in the left lower corner). If you're not keen on that, however, you can always replace the joystick with a 
Multiball object in the lemur editor if you prefer that route (I'll include it in future versions)

Note: Requires MidiPipe (Free) for OSX.  

Includes .tsi file for traktor, .jzml lemur template file, and .mipi MidiPipe preset file.
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Comments for v2.3.0
Fabio9664 over 5 years ago
Would love something like this on TouchOSC
Rafiq over 5 years ago

I intend on porting it over to TouchOSC...not much time at the moment to do so, but will get around to it eventually.