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DJ Tech CDJ-101 single deck controller for Algoriddim DJAY Pro (axibert edit)

Description and Instructions

I made a customization of this mapping from 

matt kee

through whom I found this little gem of a controller. His mapping worked very well, but I found the pitch wheel to be too sensitive. I adjusted the setting for this to be able to adjust the speed of the tune in a finer level which makes it easier to sync mp3s to real vinyl records.

I also changed the pitch fader to inverted. If you then activate "inverted" on the djay app itself both faders (the controller fader and the virtual pitch fader) move in the same direction like on a technics record player.

Thanks again to matt, love this setup, especially when you want to use a analog mixer to enhance the sound quality (I would suggest to get the a&h xone 43c.

Here is the original description from matt:

"It is an obscure single deck controller but kinda nice if you want something simple with minimal buttons or controls.

I mapped it to DJAY Pro software. It is adequate for mix DJing, but the latency is too high for any serious scratching. Baby scratch is alright, but that is about it.

notes: Mapped only for deck 1 and deck 2, which is hardware selectable by a little dial on the back of the unit (so you can use multiple units simultaneously with one computer). The unit is selectable up to 8 decks, but this mapping is programmed for only the first 2 decks.

The pitch, scratch/jog, play and cue controls are all straightforward as you would expect them to be. 

The rotary push encoder is set for "auto-loop" when pressed. i did not figure out what to do with the rotary part of the encoder. (I am using an Akai AMX for mixing, so no need for an extra scroll encoder for track selection).

I'm only testing DJAY Pro software at home right now. Still gigging with Serato. However, the new Reloop Mixtour controller for DJAY Pro is looking interesting (similar to Traktor Z-1). it might make a nice compact little DJ kit with 2 of these single deck CDJ-101 controllers. i just wish the latency was better for scratching, but I guess that is what you can expect with MIDI vs HID.

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