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Faderfox UC-4 Algoriddim Djay FX + Neural Mapping

Description and Instructions

I am using this controller as an addition to my Algoriddim Djay Setup (for Scratching and Looping I use CDJ 101 and my mixer is a A&H XOne 43C. The Faderfox is the perfect alternative for The Miditwister.

This is the reason this mapping is focussing on FX and Neural only for the moment.

I chose Setup 16 for this on the Faderfox.

The 4 left encoders (2 rows) push / Turn

Deck 1

1: Fx1 Enable / FX1 Parameter

2: Fx2 Enable / FX2 Parameter
3: Fx3 Enable / FX3 Parameter
4: Backwards playing / Filter

The 4 on the right are mapped the same way for Deck 2

The 4 Faders left are Deck 1 Neural Volumes for all 4 possible neural mix sections
The 4 right are for Deck 2

Buttons and Crossfader are not mapped yet, any suggestions welcome.
I also had problems mapping loop duration to the push rotary encoders, if someone knows how to map it with this controller please let me know

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Stewe about 1 month ago
We added Faderfox UC4 as a controller option. Thanks for sharing your work!