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DN-SC2000 Midi Mapping for Traktor Pro 2.11 Deck A/C + B/D

Description and Instructions

DN-SC2000 Midi Mapping for Traktor Pro 2.11 Deck A/C + B/D


Denon DJ DN-SC2000 Midi Mapping for Traktor Pro 2.11



just assign the mapping to All Ports (even if you have 2 controllers).



- Switch from Deck A to C on the same controller

- Switch from Deck B to D on the other controller

- Based on Freddi's DN-SC2000 - Traktor PRO 2.6 - RDM edit - D1AC -D2BD;

For more info what-does-what, see his mapping here: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/4681

 - Working Hotcue1 for Deck D (fixed in my version!)


I use this one in combination with the Kontrol S8, so i dont miss the platters and direct pitch-fader too much.

I've used the DJ-Tech CDJ-101's first, but the accuracy of the platters on the Denon DJ DN-SC2000's are way better.



The platters didnt work correct initially.

I had to update the Firmware to v1.25 1st.

After that they work flawless =)

For more info see: https://mega.nz/#!Zco3EShL!EJB5UxMzFgN9BfFxsAwhCxt4PF6c95q24JJD3MRExDA which includes latest Firmware (incl. PDF instruction how to update).



- Make sure all your gear is already connected

- Hold Shift + Browser for Deck A/C to assign midi-channel to 1-2 (for your left controller)

- Hold Shift + Previous for Deck B/D to assign midi-channel to 3-4 (for your right controller)

- Open Traktor

- Go to Preferences / Controller Manager

- Click Add / Import TSI / Other

- Search for the unzipped .TSI file and open it

- Set in/out port to All Ports

- Close Traktor, and open Traktor again


Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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