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Mixtrack Pro 3 x Djay Pro (iPad)

Description and Instructions

I fixed and improved a2dam mapping to a 99%.  I am using an iPad Pro.

* All four CUE buttons work as expected. Press CUE to set or jump, SHIFT + CUE deletes the CUE point.
* Touch bar also works as expected. It is used for Wet/Dry value for FX's.  SHIFT + Touch Bar  does seeking.
* VU Meters work like a charm! 
* Fixed Volume sliders to work as Volume, not as Gain. 

Hope is helpful for somebody as I had a real trouble finding a good one even now days.  Djay Pro for iPad does not recognize Mixtrack Pro 3 by default. 

Oh! the 1% missing is related to the color of buttons (Manual Loop, Auto Loop, Samples) when in different modes.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.0.0
Fred over 1 year ago
Not able to get this to work on my iPad, could it be because I have the Mixtrack Platinum which I thought would be generally the same? Thanks for any help
Colin Downer almost 2 years ago
BRO HOLY SHIT! I've been looking for any solution I could find to get my iphone and DJAY pro to work with my Mixtrack 3. I bought a $40 apple camera adapter just to see and it still didn't have any luck which made me furious. Numark doesn't even fucking be open about their MIDI codes for some stupid ass reason but this finally did the trick.