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Mixtrack Pro 3 x Djay Pro

Description and Instructions

Here's my first attempt at a mapping for these two. Here are the differences between the labeled / default functions and this mapping:

- VU Meter doesn't work :(
- Cue buttons are screwy since Djay doesn't allow mapping for toggled buttons AFAIK. Cue 1 and Cue 2 set Cue 1 and Cue 2, Shift + Cue 1 and Shift + Cue 2 clear them, Cue 3 goes to Cue 1, Cue 4 goes to Cue 2. 
- Touch bar only does seeking (and kind of weirdly), not FX
- "Wheel" button toggles slip mode rather than scratch mode (touching the jogwheel enables scratch mode automatically)
- Sometimes pitch bending via the edges of the jogwheels doesn't work 

Everything else should be good to go. Let me know if anyone can improve upon this, this is just my first attempt and I didn't see any others.
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Comments for v1.0.0
Rick80808 over 4 years ago
Thanks for this saved me some time and effort. Hopefully Algoriddim will support it natively and fix the issues with the wheel and shift button soon :)