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MF3D Launcher

Description and Instructions

This is a Ableton Live MIDI sript made fro the MF 3D to mimic some basic behavior of the Launchpad. Like launching clips, arming, muting tracks, etc.
The mapping consits of 4 pages.
  • Page 1: is the General control page and consists of tempo controls, global play, stop and record and the controls to move around the "red box"
  • Page 2: is the Clip control page, you have a 4x3 grid and the top row is the stop button for each track.
  • Page 3: is the Track control page. Each row corresponds to one of the rows inside of the red box. And it consits of Track select, Mut, Arm and Solo.
  • Page 4: is the Drum Rack page. It plays the highlighted 4x4 grid in the drum rack. Make sure that the drum track is Armed and the Track input is On in the Midi preferences page.
Also the tilt Left|Right|Front|Back messages get automatically mapped to the first effect device of the selected track.

1. Open your MF Utility application and import the MF3D_launcher_settings.mfs from File->Import Settings. You may change the Motion settings as you wish,
but make sure that the Bank Buttons setting is set to Four Banks Enabled. Also some colors will not be affected from the setting as they are by the script.
2. Copy the downloaded folders "_Livid_Framework" and "MF3D_Launcher" to your Ableton Live's MIDI Remote Scripts folder. 
Located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ableton\Live x.x\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\ under Windos or
\Live x.x\Live.app\Contents\App-Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\ for Mac OSX
3. Launch Ableton Live and go to Preferences. Under MIDI Sync tab select MF3D Launcher in the Control Surface drop down list and set the 
correct input and output MIDI ports. Also make sure that the Track is set to On for the Drum Rack page to function properly.

Thread: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=57163
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
ghztomash almost 6 years ago
Sorry, no updates supported. I don't have a Midi Fighter anymore and cannot further develop for Ableton's updates. Feel free to use this as a source of inspiration / modifications for your projects.
Andreas Hülsken almost 6 years ago
Ableton 9.7.1 meanwhile....no update ever
elricsfate almost 7 years ago
Any chance this will ever be updated? Still broken for latest version live.
Marcilene Stefan over 7 years ago
how do i get to my midi remote script folder on mac Os x Yosemite
ghasted about 8 years ago
Got a .rar file. What the hell is that?
Debstep Dead over 7 years ago

you need to download winrar

Comments for v0.2.0
MFLena over 7 years ago
I tried on Ableton 9, but does not work. I would love that, so please make a version for Ableton 9!
ghztomash over 9 years ago
Sorry guys didn't have enough time to get into Ableton 9 yet.
Powhatan almost 10 years ago
I am having trouble getting the drum rack to work. I am getting midi notes, but it seems like the wrong notes are coming from the midifighter to hit the impulse drums. Any ideas? Thanks, and keep up the good work. -Billy
ghztomash almost 10 years ago

The drum rack page is supposed to work with a Drum Rack device not Impulse. But if you really want to use Impulse, I guess you could put together a device rack with Pitch MIDI Effects to get the right notes for Impulse