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TEKKEN's F1 Custom Mapping - Isolate Focus Edition

Description and Instructions

This mapping is a customization of Tekken's Ultimate mapping. See
It's very useful to read up on the original mapping.

The Isolate Focus Edition consists of Tekken's basic FX mappings sans pages 3-9 and expands upon them in the following manner.

Overview of changes.
  • - Only 2 pages (Toggle with Shift)
  • - Isolate Mode expanded to work with ALL effects (including page 2 and Fader-Macros)
  • - Slight adjustments to a few effects.
  • - Uses only FX Unit 3 & 4


  • - Coloring and Effect adjustment:

FX Unit 3 Effect 1 [Yellow]
FX Unit 3 Effect 2 [Blue]
FX Unit 3 Effect 3 [Turqoise]
Hold Pad and turn Encoder to adjust value.
If Browse Button is active, hold Pad and turn encoder to adjust Dry/Wet

FX Unit 4 [Violet]
Hold Pad and turn Encoder to adjust FX Knob 1.
Hold Pad and toggle Encoder to toggle FX Button 2.

If Browse Button is active, Hold Pad and turn Encoder to adjust FX Dry/Wet.
Hold Pad and toggle Encoder to toggle FX Button 3.

FX Unit 4 [Red] - Echo FX [Toggle]
Turn Encoder to adjust FX Knob 1.
Toggle Encoder to toggle FX Button 2.

If Browse Button is active, turn Encoder to adjust FX Knob 3.
Hold Pad and toggle Encoder to toggle FX Button 3.

FX Unit 3 Macro Chains and FX Unit 4 [Faders]
If active, turn Encoder to adjust FX Dry/Wet.

  • - Flux Loop [p2 pad9-12] replaces Beatmasher duplicate.
Hold button and turn encoder for loop roll

  • - Loop Size/Set [Encoder Turn/Press]:
 Press SIZE[HOLD] and adjust with Encoder

  • - Isolate Mode: CAPTURE [Toggle]:
Turn Filter Knob 4 to isolate Freq. [LOW - LOW+MID - MID - MID+HIGH - HIGH]

  • - Latch Effects TYPE[Toggle] - Doesn't work with Isolate Mode

  • - Slightly Adjusted FX:
Reverb (p1, pad5) low initial Dry/Wet, incremental Dry/Wet, No Dry/Wet reset on release

Gater (p1, pad7+8) lower Dry/Wet

Laser (p2, pad3) additional Filter effect (Unit3,effect3) to reduce bass.

Delay (p1, pad13-16) reduced Dry/Wet

Fader Macro FX (Fader2+3) reduced max value of Peak Filter to 0.90


Import FX-settings first, then import mappings pack.
Apply color config using the controller editor, though it's not necessary if you already use one of the old Tekken color files.
Initialize the mapping by pressing sync a couple of times, test all FX at least once, trigger the Deck buttons (Mute 1-4), turn/shift all knobs/faders from one extreme to the other.
IMPORTANT: turn the ENCODER on page 1 AND page 2 setting at least once to enable the automatic deck channel fader for deck D in isolate mode.

Mapping hint:
Isolate mode adjusts the sample page selector for deck A. If you use deck A as a remix deck, you have to delete the last seven command assignments of the largest mapping file called 'sample page selector'. This mapping doesn't actually use or need the sample page selector, but since it is a global variable, you can use the values for mappings of different controllers.
FOR EXAMPLE: If you use a 2 channel software mixer (deck A+B), you can bind the mixer knobs to deck D with the sample page as a condition, so you can adjust the equalizer and filter settings for both the original deck AND deck D at the same time while in Isolate Mode.
The Values are:
sample page 1 - Isolate Mode off
sample page 2 - Isolate deck C
sample page 3 - Isolate deck A
sample page 4 - Isolate deck B
You can also use these values to provide LED feedback on a different controller.

All credits go to TEKKEN and the DJTT mapping crowd.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Thomas Bacon almost 4 years ago
Hi, does it works on Traktor 3??
Sûlherokhh over 3 years ago

Yes. Effects haven't changed from TP2 to TP3.

luc almost 6 years ago
would be nice to finally have a release fx mode. As in, holding down the reverb but not suddenly killing the effect once you release the pad.
Sûlherokhh almost 6 years ago

If you press TYPE, all 'gated' effect buttons become 'latched', press TYPE again to revert to 'gated'. While 'latched', releasing the pad doesn't kill the effect; the pad effectively becomes a toggle. ISOLATE MODE can't be used with it, although if you set the fX UNIT used to 'Post-Fader' there should still be a lingering FX-Output ... Is this what you meant?

Sûlherokhh almost 6 years ago

In addition, When the FADERS are in use (above the lowest position), you can TURN the ENCODER to adjust the DRY/WET levels of FX UNIT 3/4 seperately from the fader bound levels. Is this what you were looking for?

luc almost 6 years ago

yes thats what I was looking for. Although I have a problem getting it to work. None of the fx seem to work through my headphones or If I have anything on CUE. everytime I try to trigger anything, it completely bypasses my faders and goes straight out to the main at full volume. Everything appears to have loaded correctly as I no longer have the other pages of fx though. It has made it quite useless for me

Sûlherokhh almost 6 years ago

Answer is here: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=92787&p=753051#post753051