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u-he DIVA 2

Description and Instructions

A revised mapping of the original u-he DIVA soft synth for the Midi Fighter Twister (OS X tested) .  The idea is to make a hardware interface for the DIVA vst synth that allows more efficient control than the mouse.  Priorities in designing this map include memorability (large sections mapped to mirror the DIVA gui and thematically colored), fast access to DIVAs most important parameters ('home bank' maps all lowpass/highpass filter controls, osc/filter/env/FX1/FX2 selection, and toggle fo Arp, FX1,2) and ease of navigation (encoder banks 2,3,4 are one click away; one more gets you back to the home bank).  Please submit feedback if you have improvements, this has become an unhealthy obsession for me :)

  • oscillator/prefilter/filter/envelope module selection
  • most controls for the: oscillator, prefilter, filter, envelope (2), LFO (2) 
  • FX, arpeggiator
  • main output volume
  • global pitch drift and detuning
  • poly/mono mode, voice number and stack
See linked mapping diagram for details.

  • Midi mapped through DIVA, not Live: mapping can now be 'imported' into existing projects, active for all instances of DIVA 
  • Improved layout: prefilter and main filter are mapped to home bank for quick access.  Updated layout mirrors DIVA gui better also.
  • Improved navigation: click the bright green encoders from the 'home bank' to access banks 2,3,4.  From there, a dedicated 'back button' (bright green, lower left encoder) returns to the home bank.  You can navigate to all encoders and back without ever looking at the MFT!

  • encoder state does not sync when a new synth patch is loaded.  This seems to be a limitation of mapping through DIVA, and means that toggle encoders require more clicks to sync, and parameters jump to sync with encoder states. (submit feedback if you know a way to improve this).
  • sadly, there aren't enough encoders to map ALL of DIVA.  Most of them though!
  • it is tricky to mirror the gui unpredictable links, e.g. mapping the dual VCO eco pulsewidth to the triple VCO octave function.  This means a few less important parameters are left out. 
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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