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Evilish | Kloosless 64 Pad (4 in 1) Soundpack

Description and Instructions

This soundpack is not only 64 pads but also 4 soundpacks in one, meaning that even if you don't have a 64 pad controller you can still download and play it on a standard 4x4 16 pad controller (like a Midi Fighter or similar).  

If you do have a 64 pad device like the Ableton Push or a Notation Launchpad then you'll be able to mix and match the sounds to take full advance of this awesome soundpack!

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Comments for v0.1.0
Nuno over 5 years ago
Hi can you tell me if i donwload this free samples pack can i use the samples im my music ????? and can i sell my music (commercial use.) if i use this samples???
Kloosless almost 5 years ago

Sorry for the late reply. I personally do not mind if you use the samples found in my packs for commercial use, as long as you aren't selling the pack itself, though be aware that I chopped many of these samples myself from popular music, movies, sample packs, etc... I try to use samples that will not cause me, or anyone else, any copyright problems but because of the nature of sampling, I cannot guarantee you all of these samples are fair use.

Hannes over 6 years ago
great soundpack ! Thanks
dustin almost 7 years ago
how do i use all 64 pads on push i can only use 16 like a regular drum rack
Kloosless almost 7 years ago

Hit the "Note" button a second time.

Chaser720 almost 7 years ago
Another great pack. Thank you.
Blizzri almost 7 years ago
This pack is absolutely incredible. This works and plays very well. Thank you dude.