Some Will Sing | Kloosless Soundpack

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My new soundpack "Some Will Sing" with WAV files!
Hope you guys like it!

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Comments for v0.2.0
lisa over 6 years ago
I have been having problems downloading your mappings, I just got my midi fighter 3D and i don't know if I am downloading it correctly. What I do is go into the file and just click on the Abelson set but when I get into abelton is says "sample is offline" can you tell me how to fix this?
Kloosless over 6 years ago

I just downloaded both V0.1.0 and V0.2.0 and both zips downloaded contained the .wav sample files. You should just be able to download the zip, unzip it, and double click the "Kloosless - Some Will Sing.als" file. All samples and everything should load up. If they do not for some reason you should still be able to see all files in the currently opened project in ableton on the left browser side. Also, on the bottom red warning bar that says "sample is offline" usually offers a "click here" or something that will make ableton automatically search for the samples to fix it. Since all of the samples and the drum cells in ableton are named the same you could always drag the samples into their correct locations in the drum rack.

Leo the music ghost over 8 years ago
I need help! The rotation function isn't working for me. What should I do to fix this?