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Traktor S2 Track Preparation Tool by Ean Golden (robcifre edit)

Description and Instructions

This is a simple mapping design to be used in addition to your core S2 Mapping for track preparation. 

  • It works on the focused deck 
  • only the left side of the controller does anything 
  • the mixer section does not work 
  • the effects are disabled 
  • this is intended to be enabled during prep and disabled for live use. 

Just made a few changes to this map.

  • Right SHIFT-SYNC-CUE-PLAY buttons now control the CUE MIX volume - Also the cue mix knob works
  • BROWSER Push : Open browser mode
  • BROWSER knob or RIGHT JOG WHEEL moves the browser list
  • Load A or RIGHT JOG PUSH button loads into Deck A
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.1
Stewe about 4 years ago
Hey Robcifre, the download link to this mapping is broken. Can you please re-upload?
NeilGain almost 6 years ago
Hey Ian thanks for this amazing tool, i LOVE IT