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mapping for xdj rx dj pro

Description and Instructions

mapping for xdj rx dj pro. mixer in midi mode, internal mixer, for info contact me mail gianluca.baer@yahoo.it

menu utility put the mixer in midi mode,

all the traditional functions of the two decks are play, cue, pitch, loop in, loop out, reloop, track search back and forth flowing tracks in the library, the master time, sync, reverse, jog scratch at the top of the jog and pitch bend the side of the jog dial, the time range,


the mixer gain, high, medium, low, and volume of the deck, the two keys on cue, the master volume, the cue mix, headphone volume, the selector browse flowing tracks, pushing it enlarges the library, the back button moves the selection of the columns of the browse, keys load tracks in decks left and right,

special features:

keys select the mixer beat the deck <- or left -> right, depending on deck selected the four color effect are active on that deck,

effects section on two decks, and delete keys cue loop memory alongside the reloop button are respectively the three effects, then pressing and holding the memory button the three knobs equalize the mixer become the three dry wet of the three effects, in more than ever pressing the memory by pressing the three effects you change the type of effect,

Section hot cues, pressing Hotcue four pads create the four hot cue to call the hot cue, just press one of the four pads, pressing shift more pads are cleared hot cues created,

section loop, with auto beat loop lit pads renumbered from left 8 4 2 1 loop, loop slices lit the pads from left are respectively 1/2 1/4 1/6 1/8 loop

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Comments for v0.1.0
Dominick Cassise about 7 years ago
how do i get sound out of this now to my speakers?
djveleno about 7 years ago

send me your email for explanations !

Dominick Cassise almost 7 years ago


Dominick Cassise almost 7 years ago

i saw you put the pictures up can u contact me directly on gmail its dcass2121@gmail.com the sound is still not coming out i don't have that option to pic xdjrx as my main output is it because i only have one speaker hooked up?

Deniz Karaman almost 7 years ago

Sound coming only left channel for 2 decs