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MF Spectra DeckGrat - Jester Edit

Description and Instructions

This is a modified 2 Bank version of flashflooder's original DeckGrat mapping, with a second bank with basic mixer, transport & browsing controls.

Included is a detailed diagram of the mapping, here is a brief description of the changes/additions I have made.

The two middle side buttons change from DeckGrat to Mixer Mode.

Changes to the DeckGrat Mapping:

  • - Changed Flux Mode to Prev Cue (Next Cue w/ SHIFT)
  • - Changed Cue To Cue Play (Drop Cue Remains the same)
  • - Reversed the order of the Loop commands and changed the values to 4, 8, 16 & 32
  • - Removed LFO Filter, moved Filter:92 LFO to this position
  • - Changed Filter:92 LFO to Peak Filter (Super Knob)
  • - Some effects now have a sweep effect in combo with SHIFT e.g Gater, Delay & LFO
  • - Reverb is now a sweep by default (SHIFT + Reverb changes to Cue Point Mode)
  • - SHIFT + Digital Lo-Fi Changes the effect to a Sweeping Iceverb

Mixer Mode (Accessed by pressing the right side middle button)

  • - Please check the detailed diagram for commands, but basically you can play, cue jump, adjust volume, adjust gain, move up and down the browser, load tracks, adjust & kill EQs, activate sync & keylock.
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