Atom3D - Stepsequencer (Midifighter 3D & NI Traktor Kontrol F1)

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Comments for v1.0.1
G about 2 years ago
Hi. When I load this into Ableton 9.6 with max7 I get a stack overflow error. Any ideas?
DJDoubleYou about 2 years ago
Eh why does chrome mark this as a malicious zip file?
OPAQ about 2 years ago

No Idea, safari isn't complaining. It's probably because of the python files inside...but all the files are open source so you can look at the code yourself if you are worried.

DJDoubleYou about 2 years ago

This. is. amazing. just wow man!! Is there a Github page for this or something?

testigus over 2 years ago
hello, please solve the problem of the lights go out, and are turned on , pressing a button , it is a shame that this happens, this excellent app . I'm looking forward to the next update . cheerssss !!
dub over 2 years ago
Hello , i try to use it with F1 control script remote NiF1 doesn't appear in ableton préférences any more , is there any hope for an update please ?
testigus over 3 years ago
Hello! Great Job ! I have a problem , sometimes the LEDs are turned off, and re- ignite , you experience this problem ?? one more question , it is possible that the LED which marks the sequence have another color? because being all lit, lets not see where is the sequencia ... thank you very much !! excellent work!! with a yearning hope the next update for F1 ! Cheers
kaneda241 about 3 years ago

I have the exact same bug with the leds. But when I press any other pad, the leds are back on. Exept that particular bug, it really works great for what I need. Thank you very much!

OPAQ almost 3 years ago

just wanted to let you know that i know about this bug. I don't have the time to work on the step sequencer right know but maybe soon. I'll keep you updated. I'm glad to hear you like it an have fun with it =)

testigus almost 3 years ago

brilliant! I hope the new version! I am very happy with this! I use a lot in my sessions ! Greetings!

AllenRobinson almost 3 years ago

I change the colors and switched to dual colors in editor and had no issues. If that helps any..