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Mad Zach's Handy Dandy Twister Ableton Device Control Script

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Description and Instructions

This is a simple Ableton Live Script to allow Twister's bottom 8 knobs in bank 4 control any live device, effect, effect chain, or instrument which is selected (with the "device focus" blue hand) in Ableton Live. I've used it only with Live 9 and Mac (though it should also work for Windows) – sorry Live 8 people.

It is a modification of the LPD 8 live script, nothing too complicated – enhancements/improvements are invited and encouraged!

To install, just unzip, and drop into the live scripts folder. You can find this folder (it is hidden sort of) by doing the following:

right/ctrl click the Ableton Application Icon > Show Package Contents, then Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/

Once you've done that, restart Ableton, and load the script in the midi preferences, setting Twister as your in and out. If that is confusing... check out this article which explains how to install a custom live script:

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
insolence1008 7 months ago
I've followed all instrucions but failed too...wanna this so much... : (
insolence1008 7 months ago

control surface dont show "Twister Device Control" this option...

insolence1008 7 months ago

1. Open the MF Utility and import the Twister_Ableton.mfs file via File > Import Settings. I dont get it what its means sry

Shoomer 9 months ago
Hello all, Did Ableton Live 10 break this? Because it doesn't seem to work any more.
neaumusic 9 months ago

This still works in Live 10.. Finder --> CMD+Shift+A --> Right Click Live --> Show Packaged Contents --> Contents --> App-Resources --> MIDI Remote Scripts --> Drop unzipped folder here

Marc 11 months ago
Hi, I've followed instructions, unzipped and copied folder to remote script folder. Opened Ableton (Live 9.7 Windows PC). Bit lost on how to load script in midi preferences --- cant find it to load in? so i cant get it working Anyone help me please?
Mose 10 months ago

Under Control Surface just select Twister Device Control - then for your input and output select Midi Fighter Twister. I have Track and Remote "on" for the input and Remote "on" for the output. I just reinstalled on my brand new Ableton 10 and it still works!

daniel chalfon over 1 year ago
how can i make it to map 16 knobs?
T almost 2 years ago
This is great. 8 faders are mapped to the current Live device, leaving many other encoders free to be mapped to whatever you want. Currently have this set up in conjunction with my MFT Diva map. Thanks Zach!!