DJTT Midi Fighter Spectra/MF3D Ableton Clip Launcher (Ableton 8)

Description and Instructions

NOTE: this has not been tested on Live 9

This simple script enables you to launch clips ala the launchpad using your Midi Fighter Spectra or 3D. Shout out to Ghztomash (a DJTT mapping contributor) for his hard work in developing the original concept. we used his script as a starting place to build this script.

In the name of simplicity, the script includes only one bank of functionality. It shows you when and where you have clips loaded, and also gives you a visual indicator for when the clips are playing or stopped.

SETUP - further instructions in the video

For Mac, just use the included installer to load the script, and then in Ableton, select the script, and your controller for input and output.

For Windows, just follow the instructions in the included installation PDF.

Also make sure to load the included midi fighter preferences file using the Midi Fighter Utility.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Nik almost 10 years ago
Is this going to get fixed? Because importing these settings did absolutely nothing me. I really was pumped about this mapping too! It would save me a lot of time and effort.
D066Y about 10 years ago
ok i dont why but my midi fighter isnt registering at all
Candise Branum about 10 years ago
I got it going on 8, but not on 9...
Mad Zach about 10 years ago
yo sorry guys, I'm guessing the problem is the installer. I'll ask Mike about that.
Nik almost 10 years ago

It's all good. Any news on an update?

Andy Beckmann almost 10 years ago

...this is crucial

molotov over 9 years ago

would also love to have this working on Live 9!

Jeffrey about 9 years ago

It doesn't working on Live 9!

Puzzle Piece over 10 years ago
I just bought a midi fighter and was looking forward to using this mapping. Got my midi fighter today and just like the rest no go. I'm on a mac with Live 9 ( Tried it with 8 as well no luck) it seems that the install is missing the midi remote script. Tried stealing it from Ghztomash patch. The midi fighter now shows up in the control surface tab but still does work. Any ideas????