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Kontrol X1 Mk2 PreviewPlayer Mapping

Description and Instructions

Kontrol X1Mk2 Preview Player Mapping.

Iv´e mapped the preview player and some other features to the original default X1Mk2 mapping.

1. Preview player 

To load track into preview player. push browser botton(it starts to play when loaded. To stop preview plater hold shift+press browser botton.
To seek position in when tack is loaded in the Preview Player, Hold Shift+Dry/Wet FX on deck A.

2. To adjust MAIN Volume, Hold Shift+Dry/Wet FX on deck B.

3. To jump between placed Hotcues, Hold Shift+FX1&Fx2 buttons Deck A side for Deck A and B side for Deck B.

4. To jump to search bar area(to type in search with out clicking on the search bar) Hold shift+FX Mode botton on Deck A.

5. Beat phase on playing. Deck blinking Leds to the beat(Load Bottons when tracks is playing).

Any more suggestions?

I might make a video tutorial when i have the time.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
maugli almost 2 years ago
hey there, track doesnt start to play when loaded .. !?
Mathieu over 4 years ago
Any news guy ? ;)
Mathieu almost 5 years ago
Hi, How i can disable push button as make larger playlist view ? You script work but make original and preview :/
Jaime Gavela almost 5 years ago

I have made an update to this mapping. I'll be uploading it soon

Mathieu almost 5 years ago

Thx, impatient to see that ;)

Jaime Gavela about 6 years ago
Change extension name from .xml to .tsi =)