One Button FX Build Demo (Reverb T3)

Description and Instructions

This is a sample mapping from the article "Creating One Button FX Builds in Traktor". You can test FX mapping with any midi controller. All you need is a controller with a free button. To test this with your midi controller follow these steps:

  • 1) Open Traktor's Preferences
  • 2) Go to Controller Manager, under device click add ---> import
  • 3) Select "One Button FX Build Demo.tsi"
  • 4) Once you've added the mapping select the controller you want to assign the map to using the "in/out port" in the Controller Manager
  • 5) You'll notice none of the commands are mapped. All you need to do is assign all the commands to your button of choice by selecting the command, clicking learn, then pressing a button on your controller. 

Once all the commands have been assigned to the same button you should be good to go =)
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Comments for v0.2.0
Claes Weicher 11 months ago
It deletes all the mappings on my S4 mk2 when it gets imported! Had to reset all my settings..
scott sound over 3 years ago
carnt seam to get this to work with x1 mk2,but I'm new to traktor
DJPossess over 4 years ago
I can't wait to try this and modify it for my Akai MPD32. Gonna be a fun day!
Lee over 4 years ago

I'm using Traktor Pro 2.6.4 (R228) Cant seem to get part 5) to work..... Please help.

Comments for v0.2.0
steve about 3 years ago
cant get the f1 to function this. no option in the in/out port drop down list. any ideas?