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Funke's Looping X1 2.6.4+ Mapping

Description and Instructions

After seeing the DJTT blog post on looping, I decided to share my X1 mapping based on such. My general setup is based on two turntables (Decks A and B) and a MidiFighter (remix decks C and D). You can control one turntable using this mapping by pushing "SHIFT" and one of the two upper "Browse/Load encoders. Turning the top left encoder scrolls through folders and pushing it opens them. The top right encoder scrolls through tracks and pushing it opens and closes the browser. FX1 and 2 buttons load tracks. The lower two encoders control loop size and pushing them activates/deactivates current loops. 

 The buttons below control hotcues 1-8 in hotcue mode, and in normal mode control looping functions....
In/Out skips the track forward/back.
 <Beat/Beat> are 4 and 32 count loop drops.
 Cue Rel/Cup Abs control loop move.
 Play/Sync control loop size.
 Using these loop functions, you should be able to create a loop and "walk" it down a playing track without interruption and lay it where you want it as well as play it musically like in Ean's video.

The upper knobs control filters, pitch, and pan for decks A and B and the lower knobs, gain for C and D. 

 Also, the lower buttons show VU gain of each of the remix slots.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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