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Funke's CMD PL-1 4 Deck Super Looper Deck C

Description and Instructions

Based off of Behringer's stock Traktor mapping. Except the rotary encoders are deck focused. The top still control simple FX, and lower for Looping and a filter. Each mapped for the corresponding deck.

 I have uploaded four mappings for four PL-1 controllers. You can map only A B for a two deck setup. Go and select the "IN" and "out" ports for each controller so that traktor knows which controller you want to assign to what deck. Traktor remembers what deck gets plugged into which USB port, so just remember where each deck goes.Easy Peasy!

 The top row encoders control FX for the corresponding deck: A-1 B-2 C-3 D-4.

 The lower, first three knobs when pressed drop a 4,8,16 count loop, or when turned, control loop size,loop move, and how much the loop moves.The LEDs work, and you can play around with a loop without looking at the screen. Neat.

 The fourth lower encoder is the deck filter and pushing it returns the filter to zero. 
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