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DJTT S4 Custom Mapping (Bommerborn edit)

Description and Instructions

I have solved the problem seeking in a track. I modified the mapping. Now you can seek like the default S4 mapping:

Seek Position (Deck Common), IN, Deck A, Relative, Left.Jog.Encoder, M1=0, M3=7, Jog Seek A
Change Cond1:M1=1 and Cond2:M6=0

Seek Position (Deck Common), IN, Deck C, Relative, Right.Jog.Encoder, M1=1, M3=7, Jog Seek C
Change Cond1:M1=3 and Cond2:M6=0

Seek Position (Deck Common), IN, Deck B, Relative, Left.Jog.Encoder, M2=0, M4=7, Jog Seek B
Change Cond1:M2=1 and Cond2:M7=0

Seek Position (Deck Common), IN, Deck D, Relative, Right.Jog.Encoder, M2=1, M4=7, Jog Seek D
Change Cond1:M2=3 and Cond2:M7=0

BUG: Comment: _(FX Preset DeckA)3:Button 3 (Single): Change M3=3 to M1=1

I hope you like it!
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Comments for v0.0.1
Beaubryte almost 6 years ago
Thanks for helping, I will include this in the next official DJTT update
breakfader almost 6 years ago
Scratching doesn't feel the same like the default.