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S2 4 Decks Native Mode !!

Description and Instructions

A/C & B/D select: 

Left tempo reset button LED:     Off = Deck A     On = Deck C

Right tempo reset button  LED:  Off = Deck B     On = Deck D

All deck controls have been duplicated in Native mode to use all four decks.

this includes, Play, Hot-Cue buttons 1-4, Sync, Key Lock, Master, Tempo Faders, Volume Faders, EQ and Gain, FX on/off units 1&2 (just under Gain knobs), Cue monitor buttons, Jog Wheels, all loop functions, shift buttons still work as normal.

Load buttons A&B now load into C&D when deck is in C/D mode

Sample volume knob now controls headphone volume

Sample on/off buttons flash in time with the beat and toggle thru 6 different GUI layouts, 3 with 4 decks and 3 with 2 decks.

Browser list knob works normally with a slight tweak, when turning whilst pressed, it scrolls thru tracks at 300% speed, hold shift and turn to scroll thru the tree folders.

Both FX units work same as default, with single and group mappings, hold shift while pressing Button 1,2 or 3 to select next FX.

Cross-fader is A/C left and B/D right

Level meter LED's are assigned to each deck selected, not master.

Shift + Left FX “On” Button toggles full screen mode

To view more of the song list, hold left shift and tap left sync for one-handed operation.

Waveform zooming: Hold shift & rotate Dry/Wet knob

Flux Mode: Hold left or right Cue button to enable Flux Mode, let go to return to normal playback mode. 

Extended Browser View: Left Shift+Left Sync

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.6.0
toño dj about 3 years ago
hi this would be valid for traktor s2 mapping mk2 ? thanks
davidphanett over 3 years ago
Hi! Where can I find 4 decks mapping for the S2 MK2? Thanks :)