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Description and Instructions

This is a full mapping of the XDJ-RX2 which includes:

~LED midi out for all lights apart from performance pads.
This includes:
~ Sync
~ Master tempo
~ Master
~ Reverse
~ Slip
~ Reloop/Exit
~ Vinyl Mode
~ Cue & Play/Pause

~THE SCRATCH FUNCTION IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL! Finally a midi map that has proper jog wheel settings. The settings are at 3% Slow/Fast and at 50% Response, which makes them feel more natural.

~All top tier pad modes are fully functional, Hot Cue, Beat Loop, Slip Loop, Beat Jump. (Unfortunately, no lights, no-one seems to be able to successfully map these lights)

~Deck 1's Vinyl speed adjust knob adjusts the start/stop time globally.

~The "Vinyl" jog mode button has been mapped so that; 
~ when lit, the jog wheel is in scratch mode, 
~ when unlit, the jog is a needle search through the track.

Make sure you use the RX2 in mixer mode "XDJ-RX2" and select external when connected to DJay Pro
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