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Remix Deck Mapping

Description and Instructions

Hey guys,

I have long awaited this update and finally excited to release a working mapping for the Remix decks for the Midifighter Classic! Each button will trigger a corresponding sample, except the bottom corner button and the one to the left of it, both of those are shift buttons. To activate the sample you must push the other shift button to trigger the sample (in order to prevent samples from being triggered when changing pages). Check the picture to see how the mapping works. I haven't gotten any of the Midi out working yet, but I hope you enjoy thisĀ initialĀ release! Cheers!

DJ D'Marx
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Comments for v0.2.0
Brad DeMarco over 8 years ago
I'm thinking of adding quick effects to the next row of buttons, any suggestions for effects you would want instantly?
Kevin Stokes about 8 years ago

when i download it, it's a .xml document.. takes me to some internet page with some code on it.