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Midi Fighter Instant Gratification for iPhone

Description and Instructions

This is a rough version of the iFighter for iPad that I converted to work for the iPhone. I personally use this in combination with my mix track to add effects with the limited knobs while using the Mixtrack for EQ, Hotcues, Cueing, etc. I have a TSI for a Tandem Mixtrack and iPhone instant gratification mapping if anyone wants it as well. The Touch OSC mapping is under other mapping on the sidebar.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Alex Walsh about 9 years ago
I'm really struggling to get this to work. Does the mapping automatically load the instant gratification effects? I've got the TouchOSC skin loaded, Phone is connected to computer and traktor recognizes it. I go to controller manager, click add, then add the TSI file. Now what? Should it be working?
Comments for v0.1.0
Raycotek almost 10 years ago
Wow! Just had a lot of fun playing with this. It does a great job of recreating the Midi Fighter Instant Gratification fx. Nice work with the volume meters too. This is my first time on Touch OSC and I can't believe how responsive it is. Thanks for the work on it!
imthealien over 10 years ago
Any chance on getting this mapped for 4 decks like the actual instant gratification midi fighter?
qNrr over 10 years ago
Very good, just wondering how you got the combos in as i want to make an ipad sized MF pro
CollyT12 over 10 years ago
Downloaded this along with your provided TouchOSC layout: to tell you the truth I had been considering trying the same thing, good on you. Loved the effects setup, most everything worked as expected. A few issues: 1) The Spinback. It doesn't stop, even if I touch the jog wheels on my S2, even if I turn them in the opposite direction, even if I play and pause the track repeatedly. Would love the feature but I'm considering re-mapping the button to something else. 2) Not all of the LED's work properly, specifically the sync, Deck Playing, and echo lights. Also, I have no idea how to access hotcue functionality on here.