Traktor map for NS6ii - 2 decks

Description and Instructions

This is a basic map for the Numark NS6ii. I've created it based on everything I'd like the controller to do for my style of DJing, which is quite basic, so there are hardly any advanced features.

What works:

- Decks
Jog wheels work, capacitive touch works when you touch the top of each platter
Cue/play/sync buttons work and light up when activated
Strip search works (above each platter)
Tempo faders work (but must be moved somewhat slowly, mess around with the controller manager Rotary sensitivity/acceleration settings to reach a better result)
Keylock buttons work

- Platter LEDs
Red ring shows beat phase
White ring lights up as track end warning
Pitch shows increase in pitch per semitone (1, 2, 3 etc.)
Keylock indicator works

- Mixer 
Deck A is mapped to Channel 1 
Deck B is mapped to Channel 2
Filter knobs for Channels 1 and 2 work
Volume faders work, all gain and mid-high-low pots work and capacitive touch on each of the mid-high-low pots has been set to kill
Master volume has been mapped to Channel 4 gain, as the red buttons of the controller cannot be mapped
Master volume VU meter works fine when the controller is connected to a mixer or speakers, as it's controller by the hardware
Crossfader works
Crossfader curve adjust pot works (on the front side of the controller where the mic inputs are)
Monitor volume adjust/mix adjust pots work (on the front side of the controller where the mic inputs are)

- Browser
Browser knob works
Load selected works for each deck
View button is mapped to Only Browser On (it collapses the decks so you can see a bigger tracklist)

- FX
Deck A is FX Unit 1
Deck B is FX Unit 2
1st pot is the Dry/Wet
2nd pot is mapped to Knob 3 of the FX section
Last pot (infinite fader) is mapped to FX selector
All the above apply to each FX section on either side of the controller

- Pads
The first four pads should light up to the hotcues already set for each track when each track is loaded. Pressing each of them jumps to the hotcue in question.

What doesn't work:

- Platter LEDs:
No BPM indicator, no time elapsed/remaining

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