NI Traktor Kontrol Z1 for Algoriddim djay Pro

Description and Instructions

Algoriddim djay Pro MIDI Mapping for NI Traktor Kontrol Z1
  • macOS ONLY - Traktor Z1 MIDI mode does not respond in iOS.
  • based on standard Traktor settings, with some additions from djay Pro (see below)
  • MAIN - Master Volume (analog knob)
  • CUE VOL - Headphone Volume (analog knob)
  • Setup: In djay Pro, set Master and Pre-Cueing volume to Max. Use MAIN and CUE VOL knobs to control the volume coming from Z1.
  • Notes: The MAIN and CUE VOL knobs are analog knobs and directly control the sound volume from the Traktor Z1. They do not send MIDI messages and cannot control software settings in the djay Pro. 
HEADPHONE CUE (Decks 1 & 2)
  • CUE MIX - Adjust Headphone Mix
  • HEADPHONE A - Toggle On/Off, LED responds djay Pro settings.
  • HEADPHONE B - Toggle On/Off, LED responds djay Pro settings.
3-BAND EQUALIZER (Decks 1 & 2)
  • HI - Adjust High Frequencies or Vocals in Neural Mix
  • MID - Adjust Medium Frequencies or Harmonics in Neural Mix
  • LOW - Adjust Low Frequencies or Drums in Neural Mix
FILTER/FX (Decks 1 & 2)
  • FILTER KNOB - Adjust Filter or FX
  • FX ON - Toggle On/Off. Assigned to 1st FX on deck. LED responds to djay Pro settings.
  • LINE FADER 1 - Channel Volume for Deck 1
  • LINE FADER 2 - Channel Volume for Deck 2
  • CROSS FADER - Volume between Deck 1 and 2.
MODE BUTTON - does not send/receive MIDI
LED LEVEL METERS - responds to MIDI signals, but there are no MIDI signals in djay Pro to light them up.
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