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DDJ-400 FX2 mapping

Description and Instructions

HPF/LPF clean cut

ColorFX on/off toggle on SHIFT + (HEADPHONE)CUE (either deck 1 or 2). Nice for a clean HPF/LPF effect kill-switch.

FX2 control

SAMPLER mode on deck 2 now no longer play samples. But controls FX2 now.

PAD A - Assign FX2 to deck 1
PAD B - Assign FX2 to deck 2
PAD C - FX2 select previous effect
PAD D - FX2 select next effect
PAD E - Activate FX2-1
PAD F - Activate FX2-2
PAD G - Activate FX2-3
PAD H - FX2 ReleaseFX
Shift + PAD A - FX2-1 Beat up

Shift + PAD B - FX2-1 Beat down

Shift + PAD C - FX2-2 Beat up

Shift + PAD D - FX2-2 Beat down

Shift + PAD E - FX2-3 Beat up

Shift + PAD F - FX2-3 Beat down

Shift + PAD G - FX2 ReleaseFX Beat up

Shift + PAD H - FX2 ReleaseFX Beat down

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