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Rekordbox DJ | 4-Decks Keyboard Mapping

Description and Instructions

Used the buttons layout and functions of a DDJ-400 to setup an intuitive keyboard layout system for when using Rekordbox DJ without a controller. With 4 Decks support. Also as alternative to access deck 3 + 4 while using with the DDJ-400.

Keyboard Hotkeys for:

- Per deck volume control, crossfader control

- 20-buttons per deck setup (for all 4 decks): play & cue, (slip) reverse, pitch bends, tempo control, jumps, memory cues, looping, pad mode selection, 8-button pads, Headphone cue

- ALT key is the modifier to access deck 3 and 4

- FX 1+2 controls: select, halve/double beats, on/off, dry/wet, releasefx on/off, channel assign

I don't use the sampler currently. So sorry, no bindings for sampler functions.
Tested on Windows version of Rekordbox DJ 5.8.5.rev18487 x64

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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