DJ Steve Lozzi's "Best Of" MidiFighter 3D Mapping

Description and Instructions is an updated mapping for the MF3D/Traktor Pro 2, taking some of the best effects, etc. from Ean's Instant Gratification Mapping, Beau's All in One Mapping and a few additions that work for my DJ style, etc.  

Some highlights include one button SuperFX, MacroFX, Various Echo Freezes, Pitch/Tempo Bend, Low EQ Kills, Sweeps, Builds, Focus Decks, etc.


I've assigned #'s to all of the buttons to help explain what I've done.  My mapping is a little different than most in that I use Deck Focus buttons on each page and use Bank's A & B to load different effects.  There are also no Super Combos like in other mappings. I hope you enjoy the mapping...It definitely works well for me...

In the images below, if the effect is italicized then it's set to modulate over 4, 8, 16 or 32 beats (assuming a 128 BPM track, give or take.)  If it's not italicized, the effect is either in single mode and/or is not modulated.

This mapping does not offer any motion control.  There are plenty available that do, but I wanted something that wouldn't potentially mess up a set if moved.  Also, the mapping only focuses on decks A & B.  You can easily map the side buttons to focus on C & D.  In fact, I may do this as an update for those who use 4 decks.

I'm working on mapping more effects to Bank C and mapping some transport options to Bank D, which will make this a more complete mapping, loaded with effects, etc.

Importing: Please READ
Another user mentioned some issues that I think may be caused by me having my Effects in ABC order, followed by the MacroFX in ABC order.  In order to fix this, please use the larger import button to import the .tsi file, then repeat process to import the .tsi twice.  That should fix the issue, although I have had zero issues with this mapping...

Buttons (*=modulated)

Button 1 & 2 = Simple t3 Delays.  Use button and tap play to create a mini freeze.  Works well when mixing out a track
Button 3 = Echo Freeze over a 1/4 Beat
Button 4 = Echo Freeze over a 4/4 Beat
Button 5* = Delay vs Reverb. 
Button 6* = Filter, Peak Filter & Reverb (Super FX).  Also modulates the High EQ so the effect doesn't come in too loud while mixing.
Button 7* = Gater
Button 8* = Peak Filter.  Works well as a stand alone build up over 8 beats.
Button 9 = Beatmasher 2 @ 80% FX
Button 10 = Beatmasher 2 @ 90% FX
Button 11* = Transpose Stretch
Button 12* = WormHole.  Simply tap and hold for a echo freeze once the modulation takes effect.  Cool way to mix out of a track with a flanger/filter style finish.  Modulates over 32 beats...
Button 13 & 29 = Flux Mode (Toggle)
Button 14, 30 & 15, 31 = Deck Focus A and Deck Focus B, respectively
Button 16 & 32 = Low EQ Kill (Toggle)
Button 17* = Filter Pulse
Button 18* = Iceverb
Button 19* = Phaser Flux.  Quick stand alone build up over 8 beats.
Button 20 = Transpose Stretch Break (IG Combo)
Button 21* = Army of Me Drama Sweep (SuperFX)
Button 22* = Filter LFO & Reverb
Button 23* = Flanger & Gater (Very slow modulation.  Works well over 8 to 16 beats)
Button 24* = Laser Strrretch.  Thinking of adding some Peak Filter to this...
Button 25 = Pitch/Temp Bend -
Button 26 = Pitch/Tempo Bend +
Button 27* = Dark Matter
Button 28* = Zzzurp
Left Side Shift Button #3 = Deck Focus C
Right Side Shift Button #3 = Deck Focus D

Also changed the Deck Focus to Software so that you can visually see which Deck the FX are set to.  Works with the 3D only.  Will have to be modified when another midi controller (s4, etc.) is connected.


Army of Me Sweep
Hold Button 21.  Considering mapping a side shift button to modulate the FX back down to 0. 

Jam on It Build
Hold Buttons 6, 9 & 11 or Buttons 6, 10 & 11 until modulation kicks in.

Various Others
Give the mapping a shot to see what other combos are out creative...there are plenty that I use for both simple and complex builds, etc. 

Echo Freeze

Press either of these buttons, individually to create an Echo Freeze or similar break...

3, 4, 12, 20 or 25

I have uploaded and will be uploading mixes using this mapping to my podcast page:  

Feel free to check out my electro, progressive and vocal house mixes there and/or listen for some of the combos, etc...

Any issues, let me know.  Otherwise, enjoy!


***Note - Big Thanks to BTFaires on showing me how to map the LED's for the bottom row.  Now, I just need to know if there is a way to reset all 4 FX Units.  If so, please let me know. Any help would be appreciated.***

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