MidiFighter 3D "Effected" Mapping - BETA Release

Description and Instructions

***Left this one up, just because.  Check out my other MF3D mapping on the site.  It's called "Best Of"***

***Uploaded a cleaner copy of this mapping on the 18th.  Should have my upgraded mapping ready for tomorrow.  Will upload it separately***

***UPDATE - working on a revision to this mapping that I'll 100% have done by the end of the month.  Will likely be a two page mapping with plenty of single trigger effects, single button combo's, Flux Mode, Low Kill, Pitch Bends, Deck Focus, etc...at least that's the game plan***


Here's a 3D Mapping I put together over the past few days.  This is my first ever mapping, as I otherwise have no idea how to do this stuff, but am hopeful to learn...It's a work in progress and I'll be more than happy to hear any constructive comments on how to improve the mapping, what you liked, didn't like, etc.

Quick thanks to BeauBryte, BTFaires & Stewe for lending a helping hand with my mapping.  I also thought to stop bugging them about their mapping and try to make my own, so here we are...

Some Notes

Since this is my first mapping and a BETA release, I noticed you may have to tap certain buttons to initiate them.  For example, if you tap the Echo Delay 1, it may not initiate the way I intended.  To fix this, you'll have to tap the Echo Delay 2 then Echo Delay 1 which will set up the Echo Delay 1 how it should be used.  If you tap quickly enough, your mix will be uninterrupted.

Also, this is a Bank A mapping only.  The top two side shift keys will switch the focus from Deck A (left shift) to Deck B (right shift).


Note, these are not traditional combos, meaning an extra effect is not triggered such as in Ean's/Beau's/BTFaires' mappings.

These are simply a few suggestions/notes on how I use combinations to create some cool sounds, etc. 

Army of Me's Drama Sweep

Hit button's 1 - 4 together to initiate Priscilla's Drama Sweep.  Note, since I needed the Iceverb and Phaser to have their own D/W for non Combo purposes, you HAVE to make sure button 3 is pressed third to truly achieve the combo.  If you do not the D/W from button's 1&2 will take over.  Also, since this is button mapped having the ability to decrease all parameters once they have hit their peak is not possible...at least with my limited mapping knowledge.  To compensate, I keep my D/W knob at 100 and once the effect peaks, I twist the D/W back from 100 to 50 or 0 to create that trail.  If there is a way to create the trail, and I think there is based on other mappings, please let me know.

DJSteveLozzi's "Ghaser" Effect

Hit button's 6 & 7 for a modified effect that sounds pretty cool over vocals leading to a bass drop.  May have to bump the D/W a little.  Let me know what you think…

t3 Manual Freeze

Press & hold button 8 for a 4 beat / 1 bar count (or other) effect and then press play to stop the track.  This will leave a nice echo'd trail which works for mixing out of a track.

Echo Delay 1

Simply echo freeze that captures the last beat and echo/repeats it until it fades out at a 1/4 beat capture.  See the notes above.  You'll need to tap Echo Delay 2 first then Echo Delay 1 to initiate the proper effect.  Doing this will set up Echo Delay 1 properly.

Echo Delay 2

Another echo freeze that captures the last 4 beats and echo/repeats it until it fades out.  Works well with a 4 beat vocal while fading a track out...

WormHole Freeze

Press and hold this button and wait for the modulation to kick in.  This will create a cool/different way to mix out within 32 beats.

Build Up Effect

A take on one combo from Ean's "Jam on It" Mapping.

Hit buttons 5, 8 & 9 during the last 2 bars before a bass drop (or whenever) for a nice build up.  Uses filters, peak filters, reverb, BM and Transpose at various modulations.

That's all I have for now. 

Made a quick practice mix early this AM using some older tracks from 2011:


Please comment as you see fit.

Hope you guys like the mapping!

Feel free to visit my podomatic page for my latest electro, progressive and vocal house mixes:


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