Mad Zach's Handy Dandy Twister Ableton Device Control Script (Midiscripts edit)

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Description and Instructions

Updated version for Ableton Live 11 (8 knows support only)

This is a simple Ableton Live Script to allow Twister's bottom 8 knobs in bank 4 control any live device, effect, effect chain, or instrument which is selected (with the "device focus" blue hand) in Ableton Live. I've used it only with Live 9 and Mac (though it should also work for Windows) – sorry Live 8 people.

It is a modification of the LPD 8 live script, nothing too complicated – enhancements/improvements are invited and encouraged!

To install, just unzip, and drop into the live scripts folder. You can find this folder (it is hidden sort of) by doing the following:

right/ctrl click the Ableton Application Icon > Show Package Contents, then Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/

Once you've done that, restart Ableton, and load the script in the midi preferences, setting Twister as your in and out. If that is confusing... check out this article which explains how to install a custom live script:

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
Samuel Meeker 8 months ago
I installed the folder in the appropriate folder and the only thing that happens is that Abelton 11 Lite recognizes the Twister Fighter in input and output, but I cannot assign it a control surface. I am using an M2, with Ventura 13.6. I can't get any of the other mappings to work either. It's across the board. is there something I am missing?
Mose 8 months ago
Hey guys, for this to work you need to make sure your midi channels are set up as default on those last 8 knobs on bank 4. Check the manual for those. It's Ch. 1 for the encoder, Ch. 2 for the switch and it starts with CC56 on encoder 9. Hope this helps.
Denys over 1 year ago
Same on Live 11.2.7. Script does not work (tried windows so far, but should be no difference).
Denys over 1 year ago

Mac OS same.

Eddie Yu over 1 year ago
Hi, I can't have this working on 11.0.1 and 11.2. I load up the control surface, but nothing changes when tuning knobs.
lance over 1 year ago


matt almost 2 years ago
I would love for this to be updated one more time so I can use the buttons on the side to give me access to more of the knobs in a rack. In Ableton 11, we can now have more than 8 knobs on a rack, and I imagine having the buttons on the side being able to scroll through a bank of 8 of these at a time. How hard would this be to implement?