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DDJ-SP1 4 Deck Mapping V0.2.0

Description and Instructions


Here is the first version of my 4 deck DDJ-SP1 mapping for Traktor Pro 3, which allows you to control the vast majority of the basic functions available on a Traktor X1, but in a four deck format in one unit. I noticed there wasn't a simple mapping out there for this.
I created this mapping as my current setup doesn't have space for 2x X1's, so I decided to work with an SP1.

The deck 3/4 buttons enable looping, hot cues, track loading for Deck C/D, when lit.
Most of the LED functions are working. Only hitch was the Loop encoder, as 'Loop On' feedback is notoriously buggy in Traktor.
When loops are enabled, the 'Parameter >'  button will be lit for feedback, which I thought was quite useful for workflow.

At the moment, the parameter buttons are not in use, but I will add in some functions in the next update.

Sync buttons enable Sync on and off for all four decks. LED feedback enabled.
Shift + Sync enables keylock for all four decks. LED feedback enabled.

Currently only utilising 2 FX units. Potentially could create 4 FX support using modifiers, if it's requested.
Most FX controls are obvious. Knobs are Knob1-3. Buttons are 1-3. Encoders are Dry/Wet. Push down to enable when in 'Group' mode.

Browse encoder allows Tree browse.
Shift + Browse encoder allows List browse, select/collapse.
Shift + Browse encoder allows Favourites browse and select.
Load buttons below will load each deck. C/D as well when 3/4 lights are lit.


Roll functions have been added as of May 3rd 2021, including LED feedback.
Also added is beatgrid editing (delete marker/add marker), using the parameter buttons, but only when Hot Cue button is illuminated. You can move the beatgrid left or right using Shift + Autoloop encoder.
Sampler Vol fader will switch the deck view between two states, great for if you want to view two or four decks, but only have a 13"-14" laptop screen.

Slicer functions coming in v0.3.0

Soundcloud - @leesinthemix
Twitter - @leesinthemix

Practice and enjoy! :)
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