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DDJ-SP1 4 Deck Mapping V0.1.0

Description and Instructions


Here is the first version of my 4 deck DDJ-SP1 mapping for Traktor Pro 3, which allows you to control the vast majority of the basic functions available on a Traktor X1, but in a four deck format in one unit. I noticed there wasn't a simple mapping out there for this.
I created this mapping as my current setup doesn't have space for 2x X1's, so I decided to work with an SP1.

The deck 3/4 buttons enable looping, hot cues, track loading for Deck C/D, when lit.
Most of the LED functions are working. Only hitch was the Loop encoder, as 'Loop On' feedback is notoriously buggy in Traktor.
When loops are enabled, the 'Parameter >'  button will be lit for feedback, which I thought was quite useful for workflow.

At the moment, the parameter buttons are not in use, but I will add in some functions in the next update.

Sync buttons enable Sync on and off for all four decks. LED feedback enabled.
Shift + Sync enables keylock for all four decks. LED feedback enabled.

Currently only utilising 2 FX units. Potentially could create 4 FX support using modifiers, if it's requested.
Most FX controls are obvious. Knobs are Knob1-3. Buttons are 1-3. Encoders are Dry/Wet. Push down to enable when in 'Group' mode.

Browse encoder allows Tree browse.
Shift + Browse encoder allows List browse, select/collapse.
Shift + Browse encoder allows Favourites browse and select.
Load buttons below will load each deck. C/D as well when 3/4 lights are lit.

Roll and slicer functions will be coming in the next update.
Sampler functions will hopefully be coming in the update after that.

Please let me know of any bugs.

Requests for future updates welcome. Tutorial vid will be up for the next update.

Soundcloud - @leesinthemix
Twitter - @leesinthemix

Practice and enjoy! :)
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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