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Midi Fighter 3D for Virtual DJ

Description and Instructions

*For Windows*


updated for the latest firmware update (mf utility)
added a 3rd combo
added light effects to combo activation
other slight tweaks

more to come in future releases
added to 3rd row 1,2,3,3,4 COMBO (from left to right)
added mapping for side buttons
front and back tilt jog control
bank 3 effect button renamed
-note- using Midi Fighter Utility, set join tilts Y to OFF for jog scratch effect

*more updates to come*

4 bank control of 2 decks
- bank 1 & 2 = left deck (1) & right deck (2)
-row 1 = loop control
-row 2 = play control w/led support
-row 3 = effects w/ 4 button down COMBO
-row 4 = hot cues

-bank 3 & 4= left & right decks (both)
-row 1 & 2 = left deck
-row 3 & 4 = right deck

tilting the device controls the Filter & Jogs

use the Midi Fighter Utility to customize controller default LEDs and settings as follows:
-midi channel : 3
-midi velocity : 127
-software mode : traktor
-combos : enabled
-bank buttons : 4 banks enabled
button pitch : enabled
edge tilt : enabled
rotation : relative
tilt directions : left, front, right, back
join tilt cc's : on X, OFF Y
tilt dead zone : 10
tilt range : 35
tilt sensitivity : 85
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.2.0
Paul over 9 years ago
Hey SecretSeven, I've managed to somehow stuff it up again... and can not get the .exe file to install the mapping into Virtual DJ. I have fully Updated both Firmwares and am running short of ideas. Any Tips?