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Traktor Mapping for Denon MC4000 with 4 Track Decks (Martin Paquin edit)

Description and Instructions

This is a simple, but usefull mapping for Denon MC4000 to use with Traktor. Very similar to the default one you can get on Denon's website, but it's designed to control (not all features unfortunately) 4 track decks instead 2 tracks and one remix deck. The decks C & D can be partially controlled by some buttons, but it's more designed for the mobile DJ that uses these two decks for playing background cocktail music, games sound effects/tracks, so not for the simultaneous 4 track mixing DJ.

Modifications are as follow :

1. TAP button is always lit up and blinks to track tempo when playing

2. PLAY/PAUSE button is always lit up and blinks to track tempo when playing

3. LOAD buttons will load track to decks C/D when pressing SHIFT + LOAD1/2

4. Upper Sampler section buttons are now CUE buttons for decks C/D

5. Lower Sampler section buttons are now PLAY/PAUSE buttons for decks C/D

6. The sampler knob is now the VOLUME knob for decks C/D

Feel free to download, try and leave comments/suggestions for modifications! Enjoy!
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