DJ-Impossiblez - BCD3000 Traktor OverLay with JogWheel (DJ-Impossiblez edit) (DJ-Impossiblez edit) (DJ-Impossiblez edit)

Description and Instructions

HI all...

Thanks for DJTT S4 Custom Mapping, and mapping byJoel Guglielmini.

this mapping has power over 4 decks and jog wheel FX for unit 3 and 4.

i have updated the tsi file and the overlay picture.
just need to update on the djtechtools mapping site.

as u can see there are 3 dedicatied modifiers. a shift a deck a/b to c/d select and a fx mode select.

the colours on the overlay indecates wat can be used it with it modifers.
remember, if u in fx mode, the shift is mod=2 when u out of fx mode shift mod=1 the jogwheel presets is marked as set 1 to set 3.

to activate u need to hold the scratch button while turning the jog wheel. if u wanna test ur own presets, press the shift followed by the scratch button to make the wheel use ur own fx group set.

the echo freeze button works out the fx mode but remeber to have your effect on so u can active it. u can turn on the effect for the a b or c d in fx mode as seen on overlay.

let me know wat u think.

its almost the same as the S4 settings and very complex. i needed something striaght forward and staying standard setting as controller labels. all in black labels dont need mods except mode deck a /b.

if the led on your controller is off its by default targeting deck c/d turn it on to target a/b decks.

hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

thanks again to ean golden for the inspiration and joel for the 4 deck mapping
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