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MF Pro FXB Mapping

Description and Instructions

I've been working on this baby for a while. It's pretty complex, but if you play around with it for a bit, I think you'll find it's pretty intuitive. It requires a very specific set of preferences for the effects, so I've exported all my settings - definitely make sure to check the effects box when you're importing. You can change the effects in the slots after it's imported though, and give it your own custom spin.
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Comments for v1.0.0
Mark Vereb over 2 years ago
First thx for upload, nice mapping. But pls help! I just need to know wich button is wich midi note ! I just wanna use your mapping on my mpk mini. I canĀ“t find anywhere a picture about that :(
Nathan over 2 years ago
Hey man sweet mapping, I just got my Midi Fighter Pro today and cant find a Tsi that will work for me. Yours is 1/4 working for me any chance you could update the mapping with the new Traktor change. Cant find any other working mappings cheers!
KHDZ about 3 years ago
Great job on the mapping! I have a question, I have a beatmasher pro and I am trying to get the transpose effect to work but i'm short a nob on the beatmasher pro. how could i change the mapping to exchange the dry wet knob to the transpose knob? Also page 3 on the mapping (slicer page) not working on beatmasher. I've installed in with the big import button twice and can't get it to work. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
dsharps about 3 years ago

Thanks man! I don't have my midi fighter with me right now, so when I get home in a week I could give more specific advice. Changing the transpose effect to the dry/wet knob should be pretty easy - the midi commands should all be commented, so all you would have to do is find the correct entry (it'll be a knob 2 command I think) and midi learn it to the knob you want. The slicer page not working is weird, I can try to debug that when I get my midi fighter back. There are some ways to check it out though - when you load the mapping does the third FX bank get set to single mode with the Beatslicer effect loaded?

DJ RONSTER MONSTER over 3 years ago
Sorted mate you were right many thanks
dsharps over 3 years ago

No problem! Glad I could help

DJ RONSTER MONSTER over 3 years ago
hey man great mapping btw I was wondering whether its just me but when I loaded this into traktor the layout seems like its been rotated 90 degrees with the button layout?? or is there something else I should be doing?
dsharps over 3 years ago

Ooh, I think that's a firmware thing. Do you have a MF Pro Beatmasher? I think if you go into the Midi Fighter Utility there's an option to rotate the board 90 degrees if you want to use it vertically. If you change that, then save that to your midi fighter, you should be good to go!