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DSharps' Special Brew

Description and Instructions

Hey, here's a TouchOSC layout + mapping for iPad that's meant to control 4 decks with loops, cues, transport, and mixing.

I made a companion mapping for my Midi Fighter Pro that's meant to control FX (and it's really good at it). It included here but I'm also uploading it in a different entry.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
George Sideris almost 9 years ago
I like the mapping! Do the filters normally turn off when you stop touching them on the iPad? Also, is there a way to get a nudge feature in the jog wheel, kind of like how jog on is set up?
Gilles Perroud about 9 years ago
minimal but rich setup, I like that ! How do you monitor over headphones for pre-listening ? external soundcard ? or what would you recommend ? bravo !
A nice and simple layout. I use a different layout on my tweaker, but I'll use yours as a backup if my hardware fails. Thanks a lot!
rat pie almost 10 years ago
hey there. your map looks great, nice and simple...the only thing is i'm not able to load the tsi file. i''m using traktor 2.5... is there anything i could do? good one anyway.
john agrigiannis almost 10 years ago
for what version is that tractor mapping ?!?!