Behringer CMD DC-1 (JB edit)

Description and Instructions

  Port of the Behringer CMD DC-1 Ableton  Midi Remote Script done by Mpiraux from here Edited to fix the folder conflict that prevented it from being recognized by Ableton. It should now work with Ableton 32bit and 64 bit from 9.7.7 to 10.xx . An illustration of mapped mode/functions are included.
*Update repacked as a zip file*

***As of Ableton 10.1.15+ the script no longer functions. You will only be able use basic midi cc.***
You are welcomed to tinker with it.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
gorkem over 3 years ago
Hey man I've been looking for this but I couldn't get it work with ableton 10.1.6 and there are no errors on log file. I followed the steps for setup but device is just acting like a midi device. All orange and no function
JB over 3 years ago

Sorry, looks like the latest update broke the script. I can not get them to work myself