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NI Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 for manual loop in / out with move, loop btn

Description and Instructions

With Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 it is missing manual loop in or out buttons.
I solved the problem by following.

X deck Set Loop IN: Shift + select deck X + reverse

X deck Set Loop OUT: Shift + select deck X + flux

X deck (move) mode selector: Shift + select deck X + push move button  <- use this to select Loop in / out

X deck move: Shift + select deck X + turn move button <- use this to actually adjust the loop length

X deck (move) size selector: Shift + select deck X + turn loop button  <- change how much you want to adjust the loop length
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Comments for v0.1.0
Alberto 10 months ago
Thanks for the mapping, but I couldn´t manage to have it working, although I've imported correctly. Any idea on how to make it on your own?
Alberto 10 months ago

I'm on traktor Pro 3 on V3.0.114 and my kontrol s4 mk3 on V 0.6.0

obeedeee about 1 year ago
great mapping!!
wontheone1 about 1 year ago
Hi guys! thanks, I am not used to make screen recording or anything. maybe I try to use record a video sometimes! but what part do you not understand? X deck means you should press one of A,B,C,D which you want to affect!
nikolai over 1 year ago
nice work, thanks. a quick video of it in action would be cool
MARK KING about 1 year ago

I would agree. A video would be great because looking at it on paper looks like a foriegn language to me