VCI-400 SE EGE DJ Player mapping

Description and Instructions

Aloha all!

This mapping was created with DJ Player 5.5 for the VCI-400SE EGE.

  • Deck A and B mapped to Deck A and B respectively
  • Transport buttons are set to Loop mode.  Cue mode and jog FX modes are not mapped.
  • Output setup should be in Full Mode with USB or split mode selected.  USB prelistening should be set to USB 3+4
Transport buttons
  • Cue and play are consistent with mapping
  • Middle two buttons are reverse and 16 beat reverse slip mode on/off.  The button closest to the crossfader is reverse while the outer of the two buttons is slip mode on/off
  • Deck A left two buttons and Deck B right two buttons are pitch bend up/down with the left button as bend down
Auto Loop
  • Loop set and length encoder
    • push is loop on   
    • rotate is loop length 
  • Decks C/D FX1 are auto loop bounce mode (aka hold) on/off.  LED on (default) is momentary press
  • Decks C/D FX2 are auto loop slip mode on/off.  
  • Loop Move encoder push button is set to Reloop
  • FX setup as three FX with on/off switch below each effect.  4th infinite rotary encoder not used.  Left = Filter, Middle = Color, Right = Space 
  • Decks C/D EQs work as secondary FX parameter.  High = Filter secondary parameter, Mid = Color secondary parameter, Low = Space secondary parameter
  • Decks A/B FX1 are jog wheel effects on/off
  • Decks A/B FX2 are channel fader effects on/off (faders currently not working)
Grid (select grid below pads)
  • Right most upper and lower buttons on each deck are pitch up and pitch down
Cue / Pad Roll (select cue below pads)
  • top row cues (left to right) = 4, 3, 2, 1 (done on purpose for consistency with pad loop aka loop roll)
  • bottom row (left to right) = cues 5, 6, 7, 8
  • FX 1 / FX 2 button switch between Cue and auto loop (LEDs work properly here.  LED on = cue mode)
  • Auto loop (aka loop roll) top row (left to right) = 8, 4, 2, 1,
  • Auto loop (aka loop roll) bottom roll (left to right) = 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16
  • Loop decks button above tempo fader = pitch range
  • Shift = PFL split
  • Most other common buttons mapped to normal functions (EQ, Filters, Deck A/B PFL etc.)
  • Sync mapped to sync on each deck but work in tandem?  *Sync works fine
  • Decks A/B record buttons are mapped to key lock
  • Decks C/D record buttons are mapped to decks A/B Snap to Beat
Not mapped
  • Gratify section
  • Slicer section
  • other stuff

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
fretjean almost 5 years ago
Hello, Will you do on the Hercules RMX 2 ? Do you think it is possible ? Thanks!
Funky B almost 5 years ago

It's my understanding that the RMX 2 is not class compliant - drivers are available to d/l on the Hercules support site. iOS requires class compliant devices, drivers cannot be installed. Sorry, I don't think it's possible.