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F1 Rework - Step Recorder - Filter Fx - Flux Reverse - Fx Units

Description and Instructions

*Open NI controller editor - import template and load.
*Import and Load Traktor FX Settings TSI (Warning Please Save Your Exsisting FX Settings Before Loading as this will overwrite them, But the settings will need to be loaded for my mapping to work correctly)
*Enable midi mode in F1 Preferences within traktor.
*Open controller manager and import six TSI files and select input and outputs to the F1.
*Hold shift and Browse to activate.

On start up when in midi mode
On every start up hold Reverse button and push the encoder button to sync the Modififers with the fx, you can use this as a saftey reset but i have never had to use after the first start up reset.

Filter FX / Flux Reverse

4 Knobs
Knob 1 (Filter Fx Adjust Deck A )
Knob 2 (Filter Fx Adjust Deck C)
Knob 3 (Filter Fx Adjust Deck B)
Knob 4 (Filter Fx Adjust Deck D)

Filter Fx Pads (KeyLock Buttons)
Pad 1 (Deck A)
Pad 2 (Deck C)
Pad 3 (Deck B)
Pad 4 (Deck D)
Pads Midi Out
Slot 1 = Red 
Slot 2 = Green 
Slot 3 = Blue
Slot 4 = Yellow 
Slot 5 = Orange

Flux Reverse (Reverse Button/Keylock Buttons)
Hold the Reverse Button and choose your deck by pushing a filter fx pad to activate then the Reverse button will start to flash, to stop flux reverse push the reverse button again.

Fx Unit 1 Group Fx / Macro Fx

4 Fadders Group Mode
Fader 1 will control all 3 fx but you can make fine Adjustments with the other faders if needed.
Fader 1 - Fx unit 1 Fx Amount
Fader 2 - Fx 1 Soft take over
Fader 3 - Fx 2 Soft take over
Fader 4 - Fx 3 Soft take over
4 Fadders Macro Mode
Fader 1 - Knob Direction / Move fader up to control the low freq.
Fader 2 - Fx 1 Macro Amount
Fader 3 - Fx 2 Macro Amount
Fader 4 - Fx 3 Macro Amount

Sync Button (Direct)
Fx on Unit 1

Unit 1 - Selecting fx on a deck
When Holding Capture or Quant Button Select FX on a Deck With the lower Buttons.
Button 1 - Fx on Deck A
Button 2 - Fx on Deck C
Button 3 - Fx on Deck B
Button 4 - Fx on Deck D

Capture Button / FX Bank 1 (Hold)
Encoder - Fx Selecter
encoder Button - Load Fx
Segment display (1-7)

1) Iceverb / Peak Filter / Reverb (Auto Dry/Wet)
2) Iceverb / Mullholland Drive / Peak Filter (Auto Dry/Wet)
3) Delay / Flanger Flux / Reverb (Auto Dry/Wet)
4) Reverb T3 / Flanger / Gater (Auto Dry/Wet)
5) Reverb T3 / Delay T3 / Filter 92 (Auto Dry/Wet)
6) Reverb / Delay T3 / Digital Lofi (Auto Dry/Wet) 
7) Ringmodulator / Reverb T3 / Flanger Pluse (Auto Dry/Wet)

Quant Button / FX Bank 2 (Hold)
Encoder knob  (Fx Selector)
Encoder Button (Load Fx)
Segment display (01-07)

01) Beatslicer / Filter 92 LFO / Delay (Auto Dry/Wet)
02) Beatmasher / Transpose stretch / Reverb (Auto Dry/Wet)
03) Stretch slow / Transpose Stretch / Wormhole (Auto Dry/Wet)
04) Reverse grain / Turntable fx / Flighttest (With fader down it will be a normal turntable stop and move fadder up for spin back delay Fx)
Macro Fx use Faders 2 - 4
05) Flight test / Slow stretch / Wormhole
06) Zzzurp / Granuphase / Darkmatter
07) Polarwind / Eventhorizon / Laserslicer

Push Buttons Instant Fx / Units 2 - 4

Type Button / encoder - Fx Selector
To select a Fx push the Type Button (Toggle) and use the encoder to choose the unit you want to change and the pads will change colour on the selected unit then you can push a coloured pad to change the fx. (Push Type button to exit Fx selector)

Fx Selector List

Fx Unit 2 (FX Buttons)
Pad 1 - Beatmasher2
Pad 2 - Beatslicer
Pad 3 - Auto Bouncer
Pad 4 - Turntable Fx
Fx Unit 3 (Monitor Buttons)
Pad 1 - Reverb T3
Pad 2 - Gater
Pad 3 - Reverb
Pad 4 - Filter92 LFO
Fx Unit 4 (Punch Buttons)
Pad 1 - Delay T3
Pad 2 - Delay
Pad 3 - Tape Delay
Pad 4 - Ramp Delay

Size Button - Units 2 - 4  Hold Fx units On (Toggle)

Fx unit 2 Information

Beat Masher
when holding any of the four pads you can use the encoder to Adjust Gate and the encoder button to Reverse (Hold)
Beat Slicer
when holding any of the four pads you can use the encoder to Adjust Buzz and the encoder button to add the gater (Hold)
Auto Bouncer
when holding more than one button on pads 1 - 3 it will change the bouncer mode for build ups. Pad 4 is full Dry/wet Bouncer drum roll.
Turntable Fx
Pad 1 - Scratch Fx
Pad 2 - Spin Back
Pad 3 - Turntable slow down
Pad 4 - Turntable Stop

Fx unit 3 Information

Reverb T3 / Reverb
When holding all four pads it will activate reverb freeze.

Fx unit 4 Information

Delay Freeze - Hold a pad and push Browse Button and also Quant button if you want to hold the Freeze, Ramp delay in freeze mode will produce a slow down delay effect / tape delay is unable to freeze as the browse button will decrease the Dry/wet.

Lower 4 Buttons - Fx Units 2-3-4 On
Button 1 - Fx On Deck A
Button 2 - Fx On Deck C
Button 3 - Fx On Deck B
Button 4 - Fx On Deck D

Shift Button - Step sequencer Recorder Deck C

In step recorder Mode you can still use Filter fx and flux reverse.

4 Faders
Volume adjust slots 1 - 4

Encoder - Pattern Selector
Encoder knob (pattern selector)
Knob Button (Activate pattern)
Segment display (pattern number 0-14)
Number - 0 (Delete all activated steps)
Number - 1-7 (House & techno patterns)
Number - 8-14 (Electro patterns)

Sync Button
Deck C Sync

Quant Button - Swing Adjust (Hold)
Encoder knob (Swing amount)
Knob Button (Reset to zero)
Segment display (Swing amount 0-80)

Capture Button - Gain Adjust (Hold)
Encoder knob (Deck C gain Adjust)
Knob Button (Reset gain to centre)
Segment display (gain amount)

Type Button - Selected Slot Sample Selector (Hold)
Encoder knob (Sample selector)
Knob Button (N/A)
Segment display (Selected sample 1-16)

Size Button / Fx Buttons - step size (Hold)
Pad 1 - 4 steps
Pad 2 - 8 steps
Pad 3 - 12 steps
Pad 4 - 16 steps
Segment display (Size amount 4 -16)

Fx Buttons - Slot selector / Step Indicator
Pad 1 - Slot 1
Pad 2 - slot 2
Pad 3 - slot 3
Pad 4 - slot 4
when a slot is selected all the pads will change to the colour of that slot, also there will be a white scrolling step indicator

Monitor Buttons
Pad 1 - Play / Sequencer on.
Pad 2 - Delete selected slot steps.
Pad 3 - Hold and push the lower 4 buttons to toggle slot monitors.
Pad 3 - Selected Slot Filter Adjust with encoder.
Pad 4 - Hold and push lower 4 buttons to toggle Slot Fx on.
Pad 4 - Selected Slot Fx amount with encoder.

Browse Button / Opens remix sets in Favourites Folder (Hold)
Encoder knob (list up/down)
Knob Button (load remix set)

Punch Buttons
Pad 1 - Slot 1 Trigger
Pad 2 - Slot 2 Trigger
Pad 3 - Slot 3 Trigger
Pad 4 - Slot 4 Trigger

Lower Buttons
Buttons 1-4 (Slot Mute)
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