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S2 MK3 - x7 one button effects + Gater + push and hold samples (levelart edit)

Description and Instructions

This is basically the same as the 'djleestreet' upload but I've added LEDs. 

I'm new to mapping LED's so for some reason the LED's turn off when shift is pressed but don't worry they pop back on when they are triggered. I mainly did this to help see when the delay freeze is active (pad 5)

Cheers @djleestreet 


(with samples selected)
1.   Left pads 1-4 and Right pads 1-4 are now push and hold to trigger samples, | hold sample button plus toggle pads for them to loop, press pad again on its own to deactivate   ---- simple.   this is how it should have been as default IMO.

2. Left +Right pads 5-8 are 1 button effects
pad 5 is echo out ( I put this next to the play so you remember that play and out effect are next to each other
pad 6 is and chained effect which nearly completely fades the track out automatically the longer you hold it NICE !!!!
pad 7 is same as pad 5 but shorter and different sounding 
pad 8 is a Gater effect when held and then twist the loop knob to adjust amount 

Hoping to assign some extra mixer effects soon if NI open this up

any questions hit me up at 

Soundcloud djleestreet  
youtube djleestreet
twitter djleestreet 

Cheers enjoy !!!!


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Comments for v0.1.1
levelart 11 months ago
*****I also changed Left Deck pad 8 to Delay from Gater. Easily switched back in mapping utility if you prefer Gater Deck A. 👍🏼