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DDJ-SX3 2019.v2 Traktor 3

Description and Instructions

Works on CH A & B. 
Mixer Effects Mapped on the controller Built in Effects except the Noise
Parameters Left - Right => BeatJump 
Back + Load Prepare => Change Layout
Quantize button => Jogtouch ON
Shift + Quantize => Jogtouch OFF
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.0.0
one3 about 1 month ago
Is there anything special you need to do when importing the TSI or after import to get the controller working properly? I've tried this mapping on TP 3.2 and my sx3 looks like it goes to setup mode, with no functionality. Deck lights spin and flash (not normal display of these actions), but no other lights present. OSx 10.14 Macbook Pro 2.8GHz 16GB
sugarleg about 1 month ago

Hi I've my ddj-sx 3 with Traktor 3 since 6 month & i wil find a mapping correct with the pad effect sync & the normal function like my ddj sx 2 or Traktor 2 with DDJ SX 3 .. Anyone ? please

Andres about 1 month ago
How to install correctly? Can you record on video and publish on YouTube? Thanks you!
Paul 3 months ago
Hey Mate I downloaded this for my new DDJsx3 but nothing seemed to work it was just like frozen and none of the buttons seemed to work
sugarleg about 1 month ago

same problem did u find an another map? thanks

takeru 3 months ago
It works fine.But if you connect 2 pcs there is a problem .If you open 2 pcs with traktor or virtual and want to play a song from deck 'A' on pc1 and deck 'A' on pc2 the fader is same.So its problem.You have to give an option for example.For the Pc 1 The faders for Decks 'A' and 'B' pc1 should be on fader 3 , 1 from sx3 and Decks 'A' and 'B' pc 2 should be on fader 2 , 4 .In order to have all songs different faders 2 songs from pc1 and 2 songs from pc2