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DDJ-SX3 2019.v2 Traktor 3

Description and Instructions

Works on CH A & B. 
Mixer Effects Mapped on the controller Built in Effects except the Noise
Parameters Left - Right => BeatJump 
Back + Load Prepare => Change Layout
Quantize button => Jogtouch ON
Shift + Quantize => Jogtouch OFF
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.0.0
takeru 2 days ago
It works fine.But if you connect 2 pcs there is a problem .If you open 2 pcs with traktor or virtual and want to play a song from deck 'A' on pc1 and deck 'A' on pc2 the fader is same.So its problem.You have to give an option for example.For the Pc 1 The faders for Decks 'A' and 'B' pc1 should be on fader 3 , 1 from sx3 and Decks 'A' and 'B' pc 2 should be on fader 2 , 4 .In order to have all songs different faders 2 songs from pc1 and 2 songs from pc2